The cow yard construction industry today is pulling a little to much wool over a few nice guys eyes. This website is slowly becoming a place to be full of information and advice on how to build yourself an efficient and long lasting yard to manage your herd…

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After working in the cow yard construction for my first few years I noticed a NEED for a bit more OPEN-NESS of information and advice in this particular area of TRADE INDUSTRY…

My immediate and main concern that IS NOT at the attention of those concerned, and whom should be the first to share the awareness of this problem, which is the Pandemic like problem of YOUR POLES RUSTING off at the concrete!!! in a few short years… ????

cow yard pole covered with poop

YOU may get just ONE shot at getting a rusty pole engineered, or twice if you want to dyna bolt a few plates all over the show.

But on most concrete rotary platforms however, the chances of repair are not so easy.

It is THIS one reason that the stats of cow yard lifespan has, statistically gone down from being a 25-30 year period to a 15-20 year period?. They sure haven’t got any cheaper to build huh?

Personally I didn’t like that. You guys are investing a minimum of $1.000.000 to build your cow parlor. Only to see this bloody rust turn up out of the blue a year later.

It was imperative that a common sense solution needed to found ASAP. So I set out to do just that. Here’s what I found out:

  • They removed chemical make up from galvanized pipe 2004
  • Changed method to apply galvanizing to steel, to BRANZ minimum approval less than 1mm
  • Ready mix concrete increased with reactive chemicals
  • Palm kernel and other feeds ad to effluent harshness

And walla, theres becomes a reaction between the concrete and poles, your cow yard construction starts rusting to dust.

All it takes to STOP this from happening is a simple SEALING process to keep water, air, and poop out of where the concrete meets the steel.

I went out to find a specialized long lasting, high adhering EPOXY type solution to solve this um-welcoming problem in the event to SAVE you MONEY!

stop rusting poles

What I found is a MARINE epoxy coating specially formulated for the use in petro-chemical storage to be most suitable for our application. Its sticks to both surfaces like sh$t to a blanket and WILL NOT be pick off after curing…

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