Finding Backing Gates NZ made online generally comes with a very high RETAIL PRICE!, But Here at you will find that we give what you pay for… Which = fair trade, meaning you pay for the actual cost of a gate ie materials, labor, freight. Thats it Guaranteed!

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With the huge selection of backing gates available it must be hard to decide on what to get? Click this link for a DairyNZ advice report

Primarily a round yard gate most people are paying double the manufacturing cost of a gate. We can build you at a starting price for a single hock rail gate @ 10m long starting at $3700 NZ Dollars. typically adding approx $300 for every meter after that.

We engineered a yard a couple of years ago where the owner pre purchased his own gate’s via Waikato Milking systems and paid over 8k per gate?.  It is these figures that inspired me to provide the need for some transparency to what you may be buying with your backing gates nz dealerships profiteering so highly on such a basic feat of engineering…

The backing gates is a very important factor to having good flow into your parlour, it needs to be strong, durable and reliable. Our gates are srutinized by a high quality control and backed by an offer of a 5 year guarantee on manufacture. Which is pretty fair regarding the fact there is no overwhelming retail factor built into the price. is blog from the taranaki mobile engineering network offering satisfactory service in the cow shed industry, and will make and supply the best backing gates nz wide…

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