Cow Crowd Gate, Crowd Gates Dairy Holding Yard Area

The use of a rectangular yard with a crowd gates dairy operation have been around way back when the herringbone idea came about, but has become way more popular now,  for the better of your cows!.


The High lift Backing Gate, Also known a the rectangle Crowd Gates Dairy Holding Is perfect for the use in small and big herds of cows. Unfortunately most engineers now days only cater to the big size yards. And they are hard to find.

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Cow Crowd Gates Dairy Holding Area

This Cow Crowd Gate can be made to length from any where from 4m to up to 20m, and get this! at a very surprising and affordable price. And shipped internationally.

Construction alone of this cow crowd gate , as you can see is very robust and out does anything in design where strength COUNTS.

There are many high lift backing gates around that eventually you will get to hear about here. But at present I am only focused to show what I believe is the best your money can buy. Saving you from hassle of ongoing repairs and insufficient tracking.

Cow Crowd Gate With Many Options:

This gate is open to many optional extras for the convenience of your operation:

The backing gate has a steering system that will slow one side down while speeding the other up, thus causing the Wireless Backing Gate to track evenly down the yard. The main frame is a light weight yet extremely strong and robust. A cleverly designed clamping system means it is nearly impossible for the backing gate to come of the top rail of the yard. The Wireless Backing Gate can be used as a top gate bringing up small numbers of cows at a time, or as a dividing gate between two herds.

Standard Features

  • Solar Powered
  • Radio Controlled
  • 24 Volt dc Motors
  • Automatic Steering System
  • Auto stop at each end of yard
  • Adjustable timed forward movement
  • Exceptional Traction
  • No Extra Installation Costs

Optional Features

  • Load Sensing
  • Automatic  Mode
  • Extra Controls  on Gate and/or in Dairy
  • 4 wheel Drive
  • Auto Docking station for rapid charging

Plus a few more programmable options within the PLC program.

This high lift cow crowd gate HAS NOT been highly marketed internationally until now.  But from word of mouth there has been over 60 happy farmers around New Zealand, one sent to Argentina and Germany.

This High lift backing gate also comes pre-wired, so your electrician simply has to follow the easy detailed wiring instructions, And if your engineer’s and builders are accurate. YOU will NOT have any issues.

As far as a Crowd Gate Dairy Systems goes this is “COMPETITION” and a crowd gate worth an inquiry.


Phone New Zealand :  64 022 634 1698 or email @





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