With such a large selection of cattle loading ramps designs, and idea’s available it becomes another decision that needs careful consideration. We have railed plenty that simply consist of a few post’s on higher ground with a 300-350mm squeeze gap access into the yard.

Which does serve the purpose.

And I have definitely seen many hum-dinger building loading ramp cows, slap together’s with a few boards or gates tied up with a bit of number eight wire, or a few meter’s of bailing twine. 🙂

But you know it ain’t the 1900’s anymore and the reality is that!

All cow loading ramps now day’s do in fact need to be compliant to the rules and regulations of occupational health and safety!

If there was to be an accident on YOUR farm, and I driver was injured Or killed and your loading ramp wasn’t up to standard, as you know would COST you a lot of wasted money… !

The one big flaw that I feel has been under estimated in the design and consideration cow loading ramps, is in fact those guy’s who use them.

I kid you not, I have talked to many a stock truck driver, and heard there complaints. And of course, many has been a classic case of the ” moaning ole bugger ” there has been some very relevant issues that should be addressed in all cow yard designs…


A Couple of Consideration’s of thought before a building a Loading Ramp For Cows

# first off! There is the access to the loading ramp yard for the driver to get behind the cows, most farmers are going for the squeeze gap option. But the driver complaint there is that… wait for it.

Most of them are just tooo darned FAT! and there is no bloody way they can get through that gap, and most of them will end up taking the looong way round.

# Secondly is more of a DANGER WARNING in regards to a new trend in loading ramp designs!
That is the Concrete Slab option. To the common sense driver this is an accident waiting to happen. There is many occasion when you farmers have stubborn old bitch, or a wild old bugger, and even a cocky young prick that gives them a bunch of trouble, and they need to get right up behind them inside the cow loading race to follow them into the truck.
With some pretty tense emotion I might add.

And BOOOM! that %$#@ turns on them!

Now you imagine inside the solid high sided concrete panels with the gate shut, when that animal turns. Where would you first try to go?

I personally would like to go up… Straight up and over if that situation was to arise. Not to turn and hope they don’t jam you into the gate as you anxiously try to get out of there huh?

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