Mobile FoodTruck Chimney Installation And Compliance

Food Truck Chimney Compliance

After doing a lot of research in regards to what is required to install a chimney inside of a FOOD TRUCK I recently built, and being instructed by many professionals that there is actually no compliance for mobile transport vehicles. I thought I should be diligent and be sure to cross my i’s and dot my tee’s to follow the rules and code of compliance…

As it tuns out Auckland Regional Council requires a full blown bloody report on exactly how I engineered and fitted the chimney in this: Brand New 2018 Auckland Wood Fired PIZZA Food Truck

I am actually quite proud of the design and common sense that has gone into the masterpiece I figured I would compile the report right here, and show it off at the same time,lol.

wood fired pizza auckland food truck



Mobile Wood Fired PIZZA Truck For Auckland City Compliance. Presented by RML Enterprise…

As pointed out in the latest review of building code clause for chimney installation, protection of flammable building material is paramount. the basics to meet the code of compliance is the distance of non flammable ducting surrounding the chimney should be a minimum distance of double the diameter of the flue, with adequate ventilation to circulate cooler air around area of flue

For the mobile wood fired pizza truck I have used 101.4 mm x 1 mm s/s tubing as the flue in the chimney.

Cutting out pizza oven chimney exit


in this photo shows the size of the flue along with the width of the cut out  of flammable wall panel measuring 510mm2 ensuring more than the minimum distance of double the thickness from the flue.









Picture 2 here displays the internal of 0.9mm s/s panel fitted and sealed with ploneer fire cement. And more importantly the 3mm aluminium channel extrusion installed to completely seal off the wall panels of the food truck walls.





external panel for mobile truck flue



Fig 3 here shows the engineered external plate design for high efficiency to further protect walls of the Auckland mobile food truck, and provide a maximum of cold outside air ventilation.

25mm box section has been welded to the 2mm s/s baseplate to minimise the rising heat reaching to the truck wall.  Holes have been drilled to vent and also drain the hollow cavity.



providing drainage mobile wood fired pizza auckland



Here in fig 4 we are showing at the bottom of vented cavity with an extra section fitted and sealed with pioneer fire cement at a greater angle than level, to allow for any water that may enter via the external vents…





auckland pizza oven chimney installed



Lastly here in fig 5 is shoeing the connection of the internal flue, with the required greater than 20 mm of greater diameter to the flue to allow for recommended ventilation into the hollow cavity…

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