Stock Crate Trailer With multi Purpose & Durability

I was asked a while back to make a stock crate for a tandem trailer that could be used for multi purpose such as camping gear trailer crate, furniture moving crate, and of course a stock crate trailer.

So of course I told him it had to be done with high quality in strength and finish. 🙂

With much of the mass produced option’s available on the market today, being manufacture with thin weak furniture like tubing. One would consider that building a trailer crate which would need such detail would not be competitively priced. But I was nicely surprised my self..

The Stock Crate Trailer Ready Its First Furniture Removal Job


Having been employed in various general engineering company’s I have freed up, straightened and replaced many stock crates for tandem trailers and knew that incorporating the use of stainless steel to the mechanisms and fixtures was essential for both the longevity of the stock crate trailer but also the need to keep it clean for the multi purpose.  That’s also where the use of the proven credible paint I use for rust prevention in cow shed poles all welds, internal bolts, and internal rails have been coated. Plywood is generously coated with polyurethane internally.

I have designs available for spring assisted fold down doors/ramp, and also a fold out loading ramp attachment.

If you have an interest on having a stock trailer crate made with a high regard for quality custom engineering to meet your requirement I certainly could help! Deposits are required.

Turnaround from orders are quick and quality is guaranteed.

Custom Stock Trailer Crates Built To Last By Your RML Engineer.

Your Needs are My requirements…  Rob 022 634 1698

Based in Taranaki with a great network to get your project anywhere around the country. New Zealand Wide!

No job to big, any challenge welcomed.

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